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Dildariyaan Full [Extra Quality] Movie 720p Download


dildariyaan full movie 720p download

dildariyaan full movie download dildariyaan full movie 2015 download dildariyaan full movie 2018 download dildariyaan full movie download Download Dildariyaan 2015 HD-720p (1080p) History The film's director and screenwriter is Anup Soni, while the story is by Kisan Dhamija. The music is composed by Harminder Singh. Production of the film began in 2012. It was released on 23 July 2015. Plot "Ek baar aisa hoga" ("This time it will happen") tells the story of Parvan (Binnu Dhillon), a rags to riches man. Parvan is a middle class man from Delhi, India who comes to meet his childhood friend Paali (Sagarika Ghatge). He comes to India for the first time in his life to fulfil a promise made by him to her. He promises her that the first time he will come to India, he will take her out for a movie. Parvan is shocked to see that Paali has already got engaged to another guy and they are getting married. Parvan is madly in love with Paali and he wants to marry her. He spends all his savings and all his effort to make sure that she marries him. He is told that she has already got married, but he is still determined to get her. He is very angry with her and decides to get her back. He hides in Paali's house in order to make her think that he has forgotten her. Parvan succeeds in his mission and Paali falls in love with him. Parvan comes to know that Paali is still in love with her ex-boyfriend. Paali gets married to her ex-boyfriend and Parvan realises that he has lost his love forever. Cast Binnu Dhillon as Parvan Sagarika Ghatge as Paali Jassie Gill as Parvan's girlfriend Sachin Ramola as Parvan's brother Amar Phalke as Parvan's father Anup Soni as Parvan's boss Parth Dhananjay as Parvan's friend Sushant Singh as Parvan's friend Gulshan Grover as Parvan's brother-in-law Harminder Singh as Par

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Dildariyaan Full [Extra Quality] Movie 720p Download

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