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Tending Your Creative Garden

Give yourself the space to let the creativity arise.

The Seed of Tending Your Creative Garden


The "north star" of TYG comes back to the simple and yet complex concept of building and maintaining one's own creative garden.  Caring for this dynamic space that changes throughout the phases our of day, year and lifetime is an essential part of moving through the world with brave love. This inner garden reminds us of the creative wisdom living right inside of us, to re-align with the creative grooves of your body, heart, spirit and mind...and the brave love to share your gifts with the world. 

Image by Gilles Lambert

Who is Tending Your Creative Garden for? 

TYG is intended for folks who are looking to deepen their creative pathing.  It is an invitation to those who perhaps have had a “nagging feeling” or idea of what they are meant to do while on Earth and don’t want to wait any longer to bring it into the world

Image by Andy Holmes

A Four Month Creative

Month 1: Rest to Arise
Month 4: Sharing Your Magic
Month 3: Passion, Not Pressure
Month 2: Focus, Not Force
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The world needs your creative gifts.