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Tending Your Garden:
Creativity, Ideas & Intuition

Reclaim your creative Self to re-align with the path you were meant to walk. 

The Seed of Tending Your Creative Garden

The "north star" of TYG comes back to the simple and yet complex concept of building and maintaining one's own creative garden.  Caring for this dynamic space that changes throughout the phases our of day, year and lifetime is an essential part of moving through the world with brave love. This inner garden reminds us of the creative wisdom living right inside of us, to re-align with the creative grooves of your body, heart, spirit and mind...and the brave love to share your gifts with the world. 

Así que uno planta su propio jardín y decora su propia alma, 
en lugar de esperar a que alguien le traiga flores.

So you plant your own garden and embellish your own soul,
instead of waiting for someone to bring flowers to you.

-Jorge Luis Borges

From the poem

"Uno Aprende / You Learn"

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Who is Tending Your Creative Garden for? 

TYG is primarily intended for female/femme - identifying souls who are looking to re-align with their creative path.  It is an invitation to those souls who perhaps have had a “nagging feeling” or idea of what they are meant to do while on Earth and don’t want to wait any longer to bring this beautiful idea into the world.  


TYG provides guidance and tools alongside support from a nourishing community of other souls who are also undergoing a similar creative transformation. Despite the kind of individualism we may have been taught, we can’t and don’t need to do this alone.

The incredible news: you already know it's time.

The (False) Story We’ve Been Told. And The Power We Have To Unlearn.


Being a “creative” has been largely co-opted as a title and identity that only some can hold. 


Nah, dawg. 


The reality is, our creative self is a deeply vital part of aligning and fulfilling our path while we’re here.  It is our birthright to re-connect and re-align with our creative selves to not only walk our path and give space for the ideas to come through, but to also share this beautiful wisdom with our communities and collectives here on Earth. 


This sharing of creative gifts back out into the world with our communities helps to complete the full creative cycle that will continue to nourish these arisings within you. 


And again, and again. The most amazing rinse and repeat cycle ever. 


So amazing, right?


TYG: A Four Month Creative (Self) Residency 

The goal of  TYG is a multi-lensed, layered collage of readings, tools, talks, reflections and provocations / inpirations, all in the name of creative liberation on the individual and collective level. 


Over 16 weeks, we will tend to our creative inner gardens and let the blooming arise.  



What You’ll Take From TYG 

  • A set of tools and lenses to continue to tend your inner creative garden.

  • Functional and surprising ways to execute day-to-day and "Big-C" creative endeavors.

  • Support from Self and others to share your creative gifts with the world no matter what size of audience.

  • A new found relationship to risk, vulnerability, and the discomfort of your creatives edges.


whether it be an audience to yourselv(es) or to many others...

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The Process.

Month 1: Rest to Arise.
Month 4: Sharing your Magic.
Month 3: Passion, not Pressure.
Month 2: Focus, not Force.


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The world needs your creative gifts.