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About Ruthann

Growing up, creative magic was a way I understood the world and the power of my inner wisdom. My relationship to creative arisings helps me to nourish, to heal, to transform, to take risks and to connect with others. It reminds me to lead with brave love.

Creative expression is for everyone, including you (yes, YOU)


I believe in the creative process over any forced results or outcome. Whether in the making of dinner to a leading a fancy board meeting, how we arrive directly impacts our creative outcome. Preparation for our creative acts is everything.  


Through all of my work lives, my creative guidance and insight are the threads that connect my path. I came to understand not only how the creative Self helps us share our gifts with the world. I saw the power of creativity as a form of healing resonance. This transformation can occur in small and big ways for Self and relationship to others. 




Focus, not force


Focus changes the process, not just the outcome. The same is true for tapping into the creatives grooves that already exist within you. 


As a younger adult, force and focus became synonymous in my mind, despite my intuition telling me otherwise. While the outcome may have been the same, the process of arriving to those outcomes was strained. My relationship with Self and others suffered tremendously at times. I believe these kinds of uncomfortable experiences were crucial for me to get clarity and more in touch with my creative intuition. 


There is no "one way"

I do not believe in “silver bullet” answers to creativity, or anything else for that matter (let's find a less violent word for "bullet points" too, please :). Most folx will leave with more questions than answers.


I am a guide and (com)passionately believe you already have all the tools you need inside of you. This can feel very difficult at times and, even not believable. The time we spend together and tools incorporated help that inner wisdom to be re-membered and arise within you. 


Non-linear / non-hierarchal ways

I consider myself a responsive, non-linear, non-hierarchical teacher / guide. I believe leadership is a custodial role, tending to the needs of the individual and the collective in a collaborative way. This means caring for and cultivating the container of a group in the name of creative healing and liberation. I believe leading with love is our future. 


Each individual is different, and each group is a garden coming together that needs special tending. My knowledge and insight is not better or more important than another’s. The deep beauty comes from the collaboration of folx connecting together to support and hold one another’s creative wisdom and insight to examine and care for our ever-changing cosmic collages. 


I also believe it’s crucial to work with folx who continually seek out mentorship themselves. I send deep gratitude to my many teachers along my path thus far. 

Arriving at this more spherical, non-linear approach to working with others came through from many experiences of failing forward, circling back on my own spiral of lived experiences, and entering into personal relationship with the lenses and tools I share with others. It is an ever evolving, dynamic process that can shift at a moment's notice and very slowly all at once. Holding this kind of paradox is a core value I hold when it comes to getting in touch with our humanity, our brave love and our actions in the world. 


A few personal notes / details

I come from a line of claircognizant women who especially connect tarot and archetypes for intuitive guidance. 


I hold a degree in Philosophy/Religion and Linguistics, have completed her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and 50 hr Meditation Teacher Training and continue my studies in Tantric Cosmology, Tarot Technology, Archetype and Shadow Work, Ritual, Ceremony, and Play. 


If I am not the right fit for you for any reason, I have every interest in trying to help you find a great person, should you like those recommendations. 


Kind Words From Folx Who Have Worked with Ruthann

"I have to say that the experience was fully recharging for my soul. I learned more about me from the reading.  She especially understood what I was going through at the period of time, how much I could flourish and also motivated me to continue expanding my path. I would totally recommend, with open heart,  her tarot reading/offering/guidance to anyone interested in getting to know himself/herself even more.

Debo confesar que la experiencia fue realmente enriquecedora en todos los sentidos. Su lectura me ayudó mucho, aprendí más sobre mí y entendí el proceso emocional por el qual estaba pasando, a la vez que también me motivó para seguir expandiendo mi camino. Totalmente recomiendo, de todo corazón, su lectura de tarot a cualquier persona interesada en conocerse más a si mismo/a."

– Alba Nadal (Ballet Dancer, Badisches Staatstheater Karslruhe)

More Kind Words From Folx Who Have Worked with Ruthann

"I feel like I have SO much to reflect on from our reading yet, but I must say that this reading, the cards, the order, the story of the three working together – is like the visual that my right-brained ass needed to really understand how not only I have been moving through life, but also where I’m at right now and perhaps how to anticipate and navigate the next turn. 


The dancer and the wreath as symbols feel very significant to me and I’m excited to look further into that too. 

I mean, really there’s so much that truly was such a wonderful experience. Thank you. 

I am definitely going to find that book (Anam Cara by John O'Donohue) you recommended. Also, I freaking love the concept of “soul friend”. 


Keep doing the great work that you are. I can’t wait to learn more about your journey, Ruthann. You’re an inspiration."

– Meg McMorrow, Designer & Creative, McMorrow Design 

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More Kind Words From Folx Who Have Worked with Ruthann

"My experience with Ruthann was amazing, she has great passion for her work a really deep understanding of this subject... It was charming how without telling her what's happen in my life she was able to give me the right prompt for my path.  For me was really really good help. She can do it with much love also at the other side of the world.
(From a heart from Italy).


La mia esperienza con i tarocchi di Ruthann è tata magnifica, questa donna ha una profonda capacità di entrare nella tua vita attraverso questa pratica, darti i giusti suggerimenti anche senza sapere cosa stai facendo nella tua vita. Per me è stato davvero d'aiuto ricevere la sua guida, che poi non è altro che analizzare cosa ti sta accadendo e cercare, a mente lucida, di trovare la via fermandosi.
Questo lo è riuscita a fare anche dall'altra parte del mondo...
(Da un'anima italiana)."

– Miriam Galli (Yoga Teacher,

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